Features & highlights

The CML-Registry provides registered users with a multitude of features available online - far more than a usual registry for structured data entry.


Found beneath the patient-code, the patient-lists provide different, actual and up to date information regarding the patient. Directly in the list you can see the current treatment, the age of the patient, the phase of CML and the actual responses (hematologic, cytogenetic or molecular) of the patient. In this way the physician gains a smooth overview of the patient status.

Follow-up diagnosis data

For each patient a list of follow-up datasets is provided. Every entered dataset is automatically ordered correctly and is aligned to the timeline following CML-guidelines. So you can easily see which datasets are available for this patient and which datasets are missing.

Usability and Availability

In addition to the strength of its specialised functions, the CML-Registry impresses with its simple and intuitive usability and attractive interface. The CML-Registry as webbased software is online 24/7 and can be used from any computer with an internet connection.


After the data within CML-Registry is stored at the servers of "Net-Spacy IT-Services GmbH" a maximum of data security and neutrality of the hosting provider is guaranteed.

Annual Report

End of 2007, the most important developments and the actual status of the CML-Registry will be published in an annual report. Furthermore, the data exchange with the registry of the European Leukemia Network has been prepared.